Mitchell's Fold and Corndon Hill with annoying lens flare

Mitchell’s Fold – Film Photos (At Last)

Here is a selection of film photos from the August trip to Mitchell’s Fold stone circle.

I’m pleased with how the film came out, although it could have been better.  For a start, 800ISO was a stupid choice of film speed – a slower film would have given me the option of some shallow depth-of-field shots, impossible with such a fast emulsion. Nice grainy look to it, though.

For some forgotten reason I’ve half a dozen 800 speed film rolls which are rapidly expiring, when 200ISO would have been more generally useful. Sigh.

I’m not used to lugging around a SLR camera, I’m more a compact camera kind of man, I like something that fits in a pocket. I nearly -took my Olypmus Trip 35, never shot a bad roll with that. Having said that, I’m pleased with the way the Olympus OM30 behaved. Not bad for £10.68 (another eBay bargain). I should use it more often.


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