About Us

Avebury - The Path
Avebury – The Chalk Path

Together, Daisy and Andy make Psycho-Geographical Ambient Poetry Music*, and also like taking photos, playing with words, swapping ideas for great reads, finding out about history and art, landscape and nature… generally indulging in a bit of shared creative exploration. Andy is also a dab-hand at that music thing (to which Daisy can only listen in awe). Daisy’s skills flow out through a pen or pencil: words and drawing are more her thing. This blog is to be the home, the haven, for all those enthusiasms.

Our album is inspired by the neolithic stone circle at Avebury, and associated Stone Age monuments in the surrounding area.

Daisy delivers the words (and location recordings) , and Andy provides the music, ambiance and general floaty sounds. Daisy doodles and dreams, Andy arranges and assembles. Both being perfectionists, it can take some time for creative projects to be released, so do bear with us: blog posts are unlikely to be weekly!

Daisy and Andy have only met the once twice, as they live nowhere near each other. This is one of the great benefits of the Internet: collaborative creativity regardless of location.

*We’d like a clearer, and shorter, description than PGAPM. Any polite suggestions welcome! Surely it’s not just us doing this kind of thing?


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