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Clear Out

Now the album is out, it’s time to deal with this lot – the test CDs I burned over the past few months while I tweaked the sound, loudness, and the running order of the album. It took 35 versions to get it ‘right’, or as right as it was ever going to be.

I’m tempted to keep them all until we’re rich and famous, and then auction them for lots and lots of money. This is, of course, delusional.


Since I wrote this, I have found a further three four Haven Avenue CDs down the back of my desk.

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‘Haven Avenue’ album now out

After a very long gestation – a year? Something like that – our album of Ambient Poetry* is now out there for you to listen to and hopefully enjoy. And possibly buy (no pressure).

We were inspired by the neolithic stone Circle of Avebury and the surrounding landscape** – real and unreal. Some bits are real, some bits imagined by ourselves. The bit with the talking crow probably isn’t real.

The poems and field recordings are all by Daisy, and the music and other things are by Andy.

You can listen on the player widget below.

It is also available to buy from Google Play. Other services  (iTunes,  Amazon, etc) should all be live by next week.

EDIT: Now on iTunes and Spotify.


*Please, please, someone suggest a better term than that. How about Ambient Folk Poetry?

** And therefore possibly a concept album. There’s no law against it.